Nationals 2018

US Nationals brought the ski racing community up to Anchorage, AK in early January 2018. We contested 4 races – skate sprint, classic sprint, 10km/15km skate, and 20km/30km classic mass start. Continue reading “Nationals 2018”


Climbing up from the Supertour Opener

When a frustrating weekend of ski racing STILL makes you remember how much you like to race, things are ok! But from here, I’m going to be climbing up! Continue reading “Climbing up from the Supertour Opener”

Reflections and the World Cup

It’s a tricky line of work to be in, this professional ski racer business. At the end of the day, we’re judged primarily on the quality of the racing results we produce as individuals, simple numbers on a page of exceptional athletes. Are results always a true reflection of the work done by racer and support staff, the process of getting to the present moment, the potential of a given individual? Continue reading “Reflections and the World Cup”

Pretty much Russian Championships, in Saariselka

Week two of my season-starting excursion to Northern Finland took Ida, Pepa and me to Saariselka, Finland. It’s a nice little town way up north, somewhat of a resort town for alpine skiing. During the heart of the winter apparently there are hundreds of kilometers of cross-country skiing trails, but since we’re here at the beginning of the winter, there is only a maybe 7-8k out-and-back segment of trail with manmade snow that has reliable skiing. It won’t be long until they open all the other trails around here, because it just keeps snowing, flurries all day and a considerably accumulation overnight! Sunday morning after the races Ida and I even got out onto the tourist trails which had great natural snow and grooming. Continue reading “Pretty much Russian Championships, in Saariselka”