Filling in the hole

It’s been a while, sorry! There’s a hole in my blog posts, just like there was what I perceived to be a hole in my ski season during early March. I’m coming to realize that the ski race “hole,” while unexpected and unpleasant, did teach me some important lessons about myself Continue reading “Filling in the hole”


A very successful Nationals!

US Nationals! I had high expectations for my racing, and for once in a blue moon, I actually met those expectations or possibly even exceeded them! After all, considering that I won both distance races of the series, what more could I ask for?

Leading a heat of the skate sprint. Photo: Christopher Schmidt

I arrived several days before the first race, ample time to reacquaint myself with the Michigan Tech ski trails. I’d raced on the trails before, in fact quite a few times – at my first Junior Nationals in 2006, as well as my first Senior Nationals in 2007, and subsequently at Senior Nationals in 2008 and 2015. I had spent the Continue reading “A very successful Nationals!”