The Broken Arrow Skyrace experience

Last week I was out in California for a running race, a brief departure from ski training in Vermont. The Broken Arrow Skyrace is relatively new as far as races go, this being only its 3rd year, but it has a lot going for it and was an excellent event! Continue reading “The Broken Arrow Skyrace experience”


Coaching for Skiku

As the ski racing season wrapped up in Craftsbury, VT in late March, I prepared to head to Alaska for the beginning of April. My first week in AK would take me way up north to the village of Point Hope, for volunteer coaching of the local school kids as part of the Skiku program. Continue reading “Coaching for Skiku”

Beginning the Olympic experience

Being in South Korea, at the 2018 Winter Olympics, is an amazing experience so far. Not one that can be easily distilled into a string of words and images. If feels like I’ll be processing and absorbing these days, these memories for a long time to come. Here’s just the start, a look at my first week or so in South Korea. Continue reading “Beginning the Olympic experience”