Snippets of November

November took me from Vermont to Quebec back to Vermont, and now out west to Montana. The start of the race season has arrived, and tomorrow will be the skate sprint Supertour at West Yellowstone.

Here are a few images of fall and early winter in Craftsbury, and from Montana at the end.

With snow on the docks, the GRP rowers (the corresponding elite team for rowers, like the ski team I’m on) headed out for their last on-the-water session of the year. I accompanied the rowing coach in the motorized launch, in order to capture some pictures for use by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. Capturing pictures around the COC for news and social media updates is one of the projects I work on, and it’s fun.
Jen and Jenny in a double scull for practice, with Nathan in the background.
Beautiful day on Hosmer Pond!
After a warm October, the first snow was a (welcome) shock. With the sudden turn to cold weather, the Outdoor Center fired up the snow guns and created a nice pile to spread out for a 1.1k cross-country skiing loop that opened in mid November.
When you have snow on the ground, and need snow biking photos, you just go take them.  This year the Craftsbury singletrack and some ski trails will be open to fatbikes, in certain conditions. Afternoon field laps by Lucas.
While their older siblings attended ski practices, these young ones were making a snow fort out of ice blocks from the side of the trail.  Behind them, you can see one of the piston bullies spreading snow and crafting a field-loop at the Outdoor Center.
I took one afternoon in the week before we left to help out with a Craftsbury BKL practice on the snowmaking loop at the Outdoor Center. These kids are super quick and agile, but we sent them around many no-pole loops, relays, backwards skiing, and other drills to help them get even better!
Sprint practice on the Craftsbury snowmaking loop with teammates Kait and Liz. Photo: Jen Forbes
Racing in the 5k Skate FIS event last weekend, where I finished 2nd, just 0.9s back! Photo: Ian Harvey/Toko US
The upside-down life. Enjoying some lounging time with my parents and their/my cats in Bozeman.
Distance classic ski way up to the plateau and back with teammates Kait and Liz. It was icy and thin at the West Yellowstone trailhead, but by the time we’d climbed many feet of elevation into the hills, the snow was deeper and more powdery! Wish us luck in this weekend’s Supertour races!

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