Woljeongsa temple complex

I just wrote a blog about my trip to South Korea overall which you can find here. That post was becoming a bit unwieldy, so I decided to put a collection of photos from Woljeongsa Temple here as a sideline post instead. Woljeongsa is a temple complex tucked in the hills of South Korea near Pyeongchang. The site was founded in 643 by a Silla monk, and is now the head temple for the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. However the current complex was constructed in 1964, after many of the previous buildings were burned during the Korean war. (Thank you Wikipedia.)

A temple complex should be an excellent place to wander contemplatively, relax and absorb the incense, and admire the buildings and artwork while reflecting on the world. I would have loved to do just that… but our trip to the complex was on a tight time limit before our vehicle was due back at the hotel, so we were restricted to about 45 minutes of viewing and walking. Therefore I pretty much ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, brandishing my camera and snapping photos of the beautiful buildings and paintwork, hoping that I could absorb the serenity and small details of the scene at a later time through the photos. Not quite ideal, and looking close-up at photographs of paintings and building corners from Woljeongsa just makes me want to visit again and take more time to study every surface, and the same time as it does allow me to contemplate the artistry that went into constructing the temples. I am extremely grateful that I was able to see the temple complex and tiny slice of Korean culture, even if only for a few minutes.

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