AK summer days, and training with the USST camp

Since last Tuesday, July 5th, I’ve been in Anchorage, Alaska. This city is where I attended high school, and where I returned during the summers between my college years. So it’s familiar, though different without my parents in AK anymore (they’ve relocated to Montana), and great to visit the places and people I know up here. But really, I’m in Alaska primarily to join the US Ski Team training camp – we’ve had a week of dry-land training in town, and tomorrow morning we’re flying up to the Eagle glacier for a week of on-snow training. During this week we’ve fit in quite a few running workouts, classic rollerski speeds, L3 skate rollerski intervals, L4 bounding intervals and strength workouts. And a week of Alaska summer wouldn’t be complete without a few extracurricular evening activities making use of the long hours of daylight. Here’s somewhat of an overview of the week, in photos:

L4 bounding session, great to try to keep up with these women. Me (in pink) following Rosie, Liz, Virginia. (Screenshot from USST video clip)
Another trying-to-keep-up day, classic rollerski speeds. (screenshot USST video)
Skate rollerski intervals (screenshot USST video)
Skate intervals, powering through the flats (screenshot USST video)
On top of Wolverine peak near Anchorage, photo Matt Whitcomb
Women’s group on the ridge above Symphony Lake, photo Matt Whitcomb
Becca Rorabaugh scaling the rock in an evening climbing session and dinner-picnic on Turnagain Arm
Scott with the gear, encouragement, belay skill
Fun stuff! Quote of the day from Becca: “my hands are shitty monkeys!” At this moment, forgetting about the intense forearm burn, having successfully made it to the top.
Freshly hooked to want to climb again soon.
Scott climbing up to set the anchor
Becca focuses on the rocky problem
Men’s camp crew heading out for another L3 skate interval, lead by Simi Hamilton and Erik Bjornsen of the USST
Framed by flowers
Afternoon hike/run up McHugh peak, Rosie F and Becca
I needed a low-key afternoon, so I sat in the berry patch rather than hiking much. Just perfect!
Returning after an absence makes me better able to appreciate the details, like these micro plants on the Alaska tundra
Blueberries! I love them, large and small.
Becca and I whipped up some great meals and picnics, having fun cooking and eating and training
Rosie Frankowski of APU cruises along the ridge towards Symphony Lake on our last dry-land OD
Scott and I, (not) nailing the jump. He decided to pull a best-girl-imitation-jump, and I didn’t make it very far off the ground, or something…


Bounding down the springy tundra towards the lake. 
Trying to cool off. With an hour still to run out, most of us opted for a head-dunk rather than full swim at Symphony Lake.

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