May flies

It flew by, the whole month of May. And the flies themselves were flying too; I came in from gardening or various outdoor tasks and frequently found myself covered in little bloody spots from the black flies. Luckily, for training via rollerskiing, running, and biking, we move fast enough that the little black flies don’t keep up. The deer flies are just starting to emerge in early June though, and those can keep up with a typical running pace… more of a reason to move faster and never stop!

May marked the beginning of the training year, and I’ve been in Craftsbury nearly the entire month, getting back into the swing of training and absolutely enjoying it as much as ever. It was a fairly smooth transition back into rollerskiing, the mountain bike trails are in spectacular shape at Craftsbury with a few recent additions, and the gym is ever-inviting though increasingly humid as we move into summer weather. It’s a funny feeling that even when I’m training 2-5 hours per day, 6 days a week, sometimes I still find it hard to fit in all the athletic play-time getting-faster-time that I want!

I don’t seem to have many training photos here, that will be a goal for June, to take more photos of my teammates, and to orchestrate more photos to be taken of myself so that I can show rather than just tell what I’m up to.  So here are some favorites, nature scenes and objects, a few training photos, and a collection from a 2-day camping trip my teammate Liz and I took to the White Mountains of NH. It was my first time of any length in the White Mountains, and we stayed in two different camping areas, went for a few low-key day hikes, and then a more extensive hike up the back side (as opposed to the auto-road side) of Mt. Washington on our final day in the area.

Morning sunshine!
Seasonal confusion – between the new shoots, the old desiccated apple from last year, and the snow on its branches, this apple tree doesn’t know what to think in mid May.
Starting out for a rollerski OD, jumping in between the boys. Thanks to Sam Dougherty for taking this photo.
For our first long (3+ hr) distance workout of the year, we split our time between rollerskiing and dirt road running. Thanks to biathlon coach Sam Dougherty for the photo.
Overlooking Lake of the Clouds hut, on the flank of New Hampshire’s Mount Washington. I was thoroughly convinced that Mt. Washington is a real mountain, between the snow and cold temperatures at the top and the elevation gain needed to summit (on foot! not the autoroad)

Below is a cluster of other photos from the White Mountains, early morning light on the campsite, finding waterfalls and old rusty chains in the woods.


During training in May, my watch tells me that I covered 371 miles. Let’s see what June will bring!

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