Photos from Oslo and especially the Holmenkollen!

I arrived in Oslo on Wednesday morning, making it to the hotel in Fornebu by late morning.  It wasn’t until evening that I saw any of the other US athletes, as they were all off at Drammen racing the sprint and competing in or cheering for heats. Well, actually I saw a few of them on TV, as Simi, Sophie, Sadie, and Jessie qualified for the heats and represented the US well in the rounds!

Thursday we moved as a group up to our hotel for this weekend, up near Holmenkollen, within walking distance of the race course.  It’s been sunny or mildly overcast up until about an hour ago, when it started snowing… then this weekend, the forecast is showing temperatures well above 0C and frequent rain showers.  It’s going to get interesting, especially for a classic 50k for men on Saturday and 30k for women on Sunday, with ski switches!  Still, the US techs are sure to do everything in their power to give us excellent skis – I’ll be working with Eli Brown as my tech for the 30k, and we’ve already started to dial in ski preparation details.

The men’s 50k is tomorrow, and I’m extremely excited to watch my brother Scott race! In addition of course, to watching the other US guys, and all the big names of men’s skiing, contest one of the biggest, longest, hardest World Cup races of the year.  It’s an intimidating one, they will do 6 laps of a grueling 8+k loop with some massive hills.  I’ll ski in the morning before returning to the hotel for lunch and to watch the beginning of the 50k on TV.  With my race coming up the next day, I can’t expend the energy required to cheer in person the whole time, but I will definitely head over to the stadium for the last lap and finish.  I’ll see if I can find anywhere along the course near the stadium where Scott will be able to hear my voice cheering above the thousands of others…

Here are pictures from the past few days:

Skating around the Holmenkollen with Scott on Thursday, we stopped for a quick photo break overlooking the city and the fjords of Oslo.  With rain coming in for the races this view is probably going to be hidden on the weekend.
The Holmenkollen is proud of their Skifest, and for good reason – it’s quite the spectacle!
Scott and Erik B cool down with Matt after their pre-race workout, while Petter Northug cruises along behind them on skate skis… (Photo goal for the day accomplished! Sniped a pic of a seriously famous skier.)
Someone noticed me taking pictures during his cool-down… Scott’s pretty excited for 50k tomorrow, wish him luck! It is an intimidating, long, hard 50k against the best in the world but I know he’s going to fight for a great result!
Techs and athletes testing in the stadium. Don’t worry, I actually went skiing today too, and tested my own skis nicely… and then put them away and took a short camera-walk…
Quite the building, just down the bike path from the hotel in Fornebu (where the US team stays during Drammen, and where I stayed during my first night). Modern architecture, sharp lines, we must be in Norway!
Sunrise from the hotel in Fornebu down by the water
Long-lasting colors reflected in the icy fjord

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