Opening the door to the points!

This past Sunday, I crossed a major threshold in my skiing career by scoring World Cup points! I’m really excited at having completed this achievement, but I’m not going to be resting there, I can still see so much progress to make and am already looking forward to the next race!

Sharing a moment of happiness right after the 10k in Falun with GRP teammate Ida Sargent (center) and USST’s Liz Stephen (right). Congrats to Liz on her nice 14th place finish too!

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Birthday at the Races

When I was really little, it was great to have a January birthday because that meant parties always involved a lot of sledding, building snow forts and generally playing outside.  These days, as I turned 26 on Saturday January 30th, my birthday still involved playing outside, in the form of ski racing.  Thanks to all my friends, teammates, competitors for all the Happy Birthday wishes and for helping me to have a fun day at the races and afterwards!  Continue reading “Birthday at the Races”