Why do we blog?

This will be a repost of the first blog entry I ever wrote, with a few additions.  Why am I switching blogging platforms? Because I want to, because I’ve decided that the visual appearance does matter and WordPress aligns better with what I’m looking for.

So, as a reminder mostly to myself, and because most of it is still relevant, here from 2014:

Starting a blog has been on my mind for many months, but it was hard to consider myself ready for the commitment of it.  Not that every blog demands constant attention, but I’m determined that if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right and post regularly enough that you can follow the flow of events.  It needs to be a story, fragmentary perhaps, and developing its complexity over time, but it must be a story rather than a sequence of irregular and disconnected anecdotes.

Stories! They are one reason that I am blogging, because I personally love stories, found in books and movies and recounted by people I meet. I believe that an enjoyment of stories is a universal part of human nature, and that the stories that describe my experiences may be of interest to others.  I also will blog because I am sure that my friends and family are curious to know about my adventures and experiences, and I am terrible enough at communicating individually with people that this should be a more feasible way to keep up to date.  And finally, I will blog because in this day and age, it sometimes feels like we must assert “I blog, therefore I am” – from the standpoint of spectators, fellow competitors, sponsors, and friends, do I exist less solidly, and am I less determined and committed in this sport of competitive skiing, because I had not yet created a blog?  Perhaps, or perhaps not, but I am here to declare that I exist and you can find the evidence of my existence on this blog.

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